7 Jan 2019

E-scooter market hits slow-down in Auckland as rules are reviewed

6:36 pm on 7 January 2019

Rules for E-scooter operators are being reviewed by Auckland Council, as their introductory 'honeymoon' period comes to an end.

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Photo: RNZ/ Nick Monro

E-scooters zooming around the streets of central Auckland have become a common sight over the last few months.

But a few too many close calls and a lack of direction as to how they should be used has put a question mark over their future.

Auckland Council said today it was looking at tweaking the rules for E-scooter licences, as new players struggle to get a foothold in the market.

Council chief operating officer Dean Kimpton said over the next few days they'll be examining the licence granted to US company Lime, which was allowed to introduce 1000 scooters to Auckland in October.

He said they'll be considering extending its licence.

"We will confirm the timeline for this work and how elected representatives will be involved in that decision-making process in the next few weeks," he said.

The council also confirmed that Australian E-scooter company Wave has ended its ambitions to launch here.

Another company, thought to be New Zealand firm Onzo, has also delayed its launch.

On Onzo's Facebook page, a post last month shows dozens of new-looking yellow scooters.

Ultimately, local councils and the New Zealand Transport Agency will need to decide whether to introduce speed limits and other regulations for E-scooters; to continue with the status quo; or to ban them altogether.

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