29 Dec 2018

Police crackdown on Christchurch boy racer meet-up

1:26 pm on 29 December 2018

Bottles were thrown at the police during a large boy-racer meet up in Christchurch overnight.

Smoke from under the wheels of the car

More than 100 car racing enthusiasts gathered in Christchurch overnight for an event. Photo: 123rf.com

More than 100 car racing enthusiasts gathered in the central city for an event, called Aves Invasion, which was planned to continue this evening.

Police ticketed some for illegal behaviour and said they would continue to do everything they could to dampen down illegal driving activity.

They said bottles were thrown at them but there was no damage or injuries, and the offender was not identified.

The event, called Aves Invasion, is planned to continue in central Christchurch tonight.

Canterbury Road Policing Inspector Ashley Tabb said police the police have no tolerance for people using public places as race-tracks.

She said police welcomed complaints from anyone affected by antisocial driving behaviour.