13 Nov 2018

Electric moped ride-sharing arrives in Auckland

2:52 pm on 13 November 2018

Electric mopeds are the latest ride-sharing service to hit Auckland.

Electric mopeds are the latest ride-sharing service to hit Auckland.

Kwikli scooters have launched in Auckland.

Kwikli scooters have launched in Auckland. Photo: Kwikli

The start-up company Kwikli launched ten mopeds as a pilot in the North Shore suburbs of Takapuna and Devonport on Sunday.

The vehicles cost $2 to unlock using the Kwikli app and 35 cents every minute.

They have a maximum speed of 50kmh and already has 50 registered users.

This comes after e-scooters, which rolled out last month, caused a spike of injuries and sparked safety concerns.

But Kwikli chief executive Rushabh Trivedy said his ride-sharing service has high safety standards.

Riders have to have a full-drivers license and wear a helmet, he said.

"Legally in New Zealand, you're OK to ride a moped with a car learner's license," he said.

"But with our pilot...we're unfortunately not taking people either on their learners or restricted car license."

"We might be paying the price of less of people using them...but it minimizes the risk of inexperienced people with road usage using one of the mopeds."

The mopeds themselves also have safety certifications to prove that they are roadworthy.

Unlike their e-scooter counterparts which can be picked up and dropped off anywhere, there are five centres to pick up and drop off the mopeds.

Mr Trivedy said it is looking to roll out its service to the Auckland CBD early next year as well as other cities around the country by mid-next year.

"Data from this pilot is really going to inform us... [about] commuting habits," he said.

"We're not essentially just dumping these assets for anyone and everyone to use, we're actually trying to provide a good solution."