Weasel sighting at Wellington's Zealandia

6:52 pm on 5 October 2018

There's been a sighting of the weasel that's infiltrated Zealandia, Wellington's otherwise pest-free wildlife sanctuary.

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Photo: composite

Zealandia is redoubling its efforts to catch the intruder, which was seen near the main entrance, quite a way from where weasel tracks were first spotted earlier this week.

Dr Danielle Shanahan is the conservation and research manager at Zealandia.

She said the sighting was credible as it was made by a visiting wildlife biologist.

"She saw an animal duck into one of our existing boxes that we lay baits and traps and stuff in, and then it ducked away down along the stream."

Dr Shanahan said they already received 70 extra traps since Monday and were able to get their hands on another 40 overnight.