26 Aug 2018

Levin residents in way of potential highway want answers

10:59 am on 26 August 2018

Levin residents fed up with uncertainty over whether a new highway will be built near their town are holding a community meeting today.

Traffic backed up near Levin

Traffic backed up near Levin Photo: RNZ/ Richard Tindiller

In February residents likely to be affected by a project to make State Highway One four lanes from Otaki to north of Levin, were alerted to the proposal.

In April, the Transport Agency released its draft transport investment proposal - which said the project would be re-evaluated to fit the new government's priorities.

Chair of the local Ratepayers and Residents' Association Christine Moriarty said the meeting was for people who were told in February they would be affected by the new road.

"They're in limbo about what's really going to happen. We really are wanting to force government to make a final decision about what they're going to do.

"We want a final decision about 'is it going to go ahead as the proposal was ... or are they going to just use State Highway 1 as it is at the moment, and put a few tweaks in it'?"

Ms Moriarty said people thinking of moving or wanting to do renovations felt they could not, as they weren't sure if the Transport Agency would be taking their land, or not.

Christine Moriarty said she felt for property owners unable to sell or renovate their homes while there was uncertainty.

The Transport Agency has told residents they will be updated in the next two months.