7 Aug 2010

Ryder in hot water again

4:15 pm on 7 August 2010

Cricketer Jesse Ryder says he greatly regrets the events that led to a fine for serious misconduct and stiff new conditions on his contract with New Zealand Cricket.

The Wellington and New Zealand player, who has a history of alcohol-fuelled problems, has admitted being intoxicated and rowdy at a Christchurch hotel during an indoor cricket competition.

He was fined an undisclosed amount and had behavioural conditions put on his players' contract.

Ryder won't discuss what occurred, but wishes it had not happened.

"I shouldn't have put myself in that situation," he says.

At the hotel where his team were staying, a complaint was made about noise disruption by the team, among other matters.

In a statement, Ryder says he accepts that his behaviour endangered his own and NZ Cricket's reputation. He says he has apologised to the hotel.

Disappointed at 'breach of trust'

NZ Cricket general manager Geoff Allott says that, to his credit, Ryder brought the incident to NZ Cricket's attention and admitted his role in it.

Mr Allott says, however, that NZ Cricket is extremely disappointed at what it calls a breach of trust and protocol, as Ryder was making some positive progress in recent times.

Mr Allott says there could yet be further repercussions.

Though not on the Black Caps' current tour of Sri Lanka because of injury, Ryder is expected to be available for selection for a tour of Bangladesh next month.