29 Jul 2017

Dozens of EQC claims made after Wellington slips

11:54 am on 29 July 2017

The Earthquake Commission has received 82 insurance claims for flooding and landslip damage in Wellington this month alone, it says.

There have been about 460 slips in the capital in July, as sodden ground is further destabilised by regular heavy rain.

Insurance Council chief executive Tim Grafton said landslip damage was deemed a natural disaster and was covered by the Earthquake Commission.

He said EQC covers damage to both houses and land up to $100,000.

"The Earthquake Commission coverage will be confined to land damage within an 8m parameter of the house. If the land damage is affecting damage to the house as well, there'll be damage for that too.

It said there were 59 claims from Dunedin after last week's floods.

Mr Grafton said those looking to make a claim should contact EQC.

Further slips overnight

Wellington's Ngaio Gorge Road is expected to be closed all weekend, following a land slip.

Wellington City Council said there were loose rocks in the area that needed to be cleared.

The road links the central city with the Ngaio and Khandallah area.