Mt Taranaki nude photoshoot 'inappropriate'

9:07 pm on 3 May 2017

A young woman who posed nude near the top of Mt Taranaki and posted the picture on Instagram has been accused of behaving disrespectfully.

Snow on Mt Taranaki - 20 January 2017

Snow on Mt Taranaki - 20 January 2017 Photo: RNZ / Robin Martin

The picture shows Jaylene Cook, of Cambridge, wearing little more than a beanie and gloves.

Dennis Ngawhare is the chairman of the Puniho Pā Trust in western Taranaki and wrote his philosophy doctorate about Mt Taranaki.

He said the mountain was considered an ancestor for local Māori and the area around the summit was tapu.

"The photograph falls into the inappropriate behaviour category, similar to the barbecue up the mountain, the trampoline up the mountain... and other behaviours that have happened over the years."

Dr Ngawhare said he accepted people would climb the mountain but he asked that they behaved appropriately.

Ms Cook said she was sorry if anyone was offended but believed that by moving down from the summit for the picture she respected tikanga.

"We knew what not to do and we believe what we did wasn't degrading in any way or offensive."