Serial sex offender's parole conditions tightened

1:34 pm on 1 May 2017

A serial sex offender who escaped deportation has had his parole conditions tightened.

Sultan Ali Abdul Ali Akbari was released on parole in February after being sentenced to two years in prison for five charges of indecent acts with girls under 12 and one of the indecent assault of a woman.

He was also previously convicted of indecently assaulting a woman in 2013.

Immigration New Zealand had decided he would not be deported, provided he did not reoffend within the next five years.

The case prompted Minister of Immigration Michael Woodhouse to revoke agency's power to make deportation decisions.

Akbari's probation conditions, which were changed in a decision by the parole board in March, now include GPS monitoring and a ban on him entering shopping malls and any areas where children congregate.

Those areas include public pools, parks and playgrounds.