27 Apr 2017

Vodafone offers family violence leave

12:06 pm on 27 April 2017

Vodafone has joined other major companies in offering staff affected by family violence extra leave.

From today, the company's 3000 workers will be eligible for extra support, including 10 days extra paid leave a year.

Vodafone sign

Photo: 123RF

The firm's new leave provisions are in line with the Green MP Jan Logie's Domestic Violence Victims' Protection Bill.

The legislation, which unanimously passed its first reading in Parliament last month would give victims up to 10 days' paid leave, giving them time to seek counselling and legal advice, attend court hearings or move house.

Jan Logie.

Jan Logie Photo: RNZ

The government supported Ms Logie's members bill at the first reading despite earlier arguing it would impose significant extra costs on businesses.

Countdown, The Warehouse Group, ANZ and the University of Auckland already offer family violence leave to their staff.

Ms Logie said there was a movement for business to get involved and her legislation would ensure everyone has the support, not just a lucky few.

"Businesses, of whatever size they are, are in fact a type of community and it's good business, and being a good human, to care for the people in your community."