21 Apr 2017

Cash jobs earn plasterer home detention

1:16 pm on 21 April 2017

Dodging $183,118 in tax by doing cash jobs has landed an Auckland tradesman eight months' home detention.

Plasterer Konstantine Malioutine pleaded guilty to four tax-evasion charges after he failed to declare nearly $500,000 in payments for gibstopping jobs over three years.

Inland Revenue group tax counsel Graham Tubb said most people have moved on from thinking it was okay for tradespeople to do cash jobs and not pay tax, but Malioutine clearly thought he could get away with it.

Mr Tubb said dodging tax denied New Zealanders of money for services like hospitals, schools and emergency services.

As well as the home detention sentence, Malioutine has also been ordered to pay the outstanding tax.