26 Mar 2017

Widespread meth use rising across industries - NZDDA

12:53 pm on 26 March 2017

Drug testers say more people in a wider array of industries are being found to have used methamphetamine.


methamphetamine Photo: 123.rf

A New Zealand Drug Detection Agency spokesperson said more than 13 percent of its tests in 2016 came back positive for the drug, a 5 percent increase on the previous year.

More than 80 percent of tests came back positive for cannabis use.

NZDDA's chief executive Kirk Hardy said New Zealanders were the most prevalent users of cannabis and methamphetamine per capita in the world.

He said the presence of methamphetamine - or P - is found in all types of jobs and places.

"And we've seen it recently with a couple of high-profile lawyers, you know, charged with methamphetamine possession.

"It's certainly not a drug you can sort of say 'it's set in this area here', or 'it just relates to this industry or this type of person'."

Mr Hardy said a 25 percent jump in the number of drug tests done by the agency was because employers wanted to be more aware of drug problems.

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