Quakes, Trump ... but pancakes?

1:37 pm on 15 December 2016

New Zealanders are fixated on earthquakes, Donald Trump and making pancakes, if Google searches are anything to go by.

In 2016, they wanted to know why there was a leap day, why the sky was blue and (presumably on United States election night) "why is Trump winning".

Donald Trump on 60 Minutes

No surprises here. Kiwis googled Donald Trump. A lot. Photo: YouTube screenshot

Google NZ has named its top search words of this year. Some of the highest ranking items were earthquake-related.

The most-searched word in New Zealand was Geonet - a website that monitors earthquakes.

The second most popular term was the Olympics. Third was the US election.

The top trending phrase was Earthquake NZ.

The New Zealander searched for the most was boxer Joseph Parker, followed by All Black Aaron Smith and Olympian Eliza McCartney.

The most popular global name was Donald Trump.

After a year filled with celebrity deaths, the most searched for death was David Bowie, followed by Prince.

The question most asked on Google was "how to make pancakes". And it seems a lot of us are, unusually, keen to immortalise our canines. The seventh most asked question was, "How to draw a dog".

David Bowie

When David Bowie died, Kiwis cared. Photo: flickr.com

Google NZ top searches for 2016

Overall Searches (Trending):

1. Geonet

2. Olympics

3. US election

4. Euro 2016

5. Earthquake NZ

6. Pokemon Go

7. Slitherio

8. Donald Trump

9. David Bowie

10. Royal Road

News (Trending):

1. Earthquake NZ

2. US election

3. Pokemon Go

4. Brexit

5. Dreamworld

6. Kaikoura

7. Tsunami warning NZ

8. Syria

9. Harambe

10. Orlando shooting

Global People (Trending)

1. Donald Trump

2. Usain Bolt

3. Hillary Clinton

4. Michael Phelps

5. Bernie Sanders

6. Meghan Markle

7. Bill Simmons

8. Simone Biles

9. Frank Ocean

10. Leonardo DiCaprio

Kiwis (Trending)

1. Joseph Parker

2. Aaron Smith

3. Eliza McCartney

4. Lisa Carrington

5. Jordan Mauger

6. Mark Hunt

7. Sophie Pascoe

8. Liam Malone

9. Mahé Drysdale

10. Brian Tamaki

Loss (Trending)

1. David Bowie

2. Prince

3. Christina Grimmie

4. Muhammad Ali

5. Alan Rickman

6. Leonard Cohen

7. Gene Wilder

8. Glenn Frey

9. Anton Yelchin

10. Sophia Hawthorne

Sporting Events (Trending)

1. Rio Olympics

2. Euro 2016

3. All Blacks vs Ireland

4. Melbourne Cup 2016

5. T20 World Cup

6. Paralympics

7. Super Rugby

8. Mitre 10 Rugby

9. UFC 205

10. All Blacks vs Wales

How to…? (Most Searched)

1. How to make pancakes

2. How to tie a tie

3. How to draw

4. How to screenshot

5. How to play Pokemon Go

6. How to train your dragon

7. How to draw a dog

8. How to cook quinoa

9. How to get rid of pimples

10. How to lose weight

What is…? (Most Searched)

1. What is my IP

2. What is the time

3. What is the weather in Wellington today

4. What is love

5. What is a URL

6. What is a class 2 licence NZ

7. What is TPPA

8. What is the Pound to the NZ Dollar

9. What is the meaning of life

10. What is Brexit

Why is…? (Most Searched)

1. Why is there a leap day

2. Why is the sky blue

3. Why is the sea salty

4. Why is the sky blue for kids

5. Why is my nose always blocked

6. Why is my ear blocked

7. Why is Trump winning

8. Why is the sun yellow

9. Why is there Olympics

10. Why is the Sky Tower blue

Recipes (Most Searched)

1. Pancake

2. Brownie

3. Quiche

4. Scone

5. Cheesecake

6. Crepe

7. Waffle

8. Hummus

9. Banana cake

10. Carrot cake