21 Nov 2016

Court challenge against Rotorua mayoralty result dropped

1:38 pm on 21 November 2016

A court challenge against the result of the mayoral election in Rotorua has been withdrawn.

Steve Chadwick, Mayor of Rotorua

Steve Chadwick, Mayor of Rotorua Photo: Rotorua Lakes Council

Second-placed candidate Reynold Macpherson went to court wanting the result overturned, claiming the Rotorua District Council's chief executive was biased in favour of incumbent mayor Steve Chadwick.

At a preliminary hearing last week, a District Court judge threw out Dr Macpherson's application to have the election of all councillors declared void, but no decision was made on the mayoral race.

Dr Macpherson has now stopped court proceedings, saying that continuing was in no-one's interest.

Ms Chadwick said the case had been a major distraction and now it was important to get on with the business of council.

Ms Chadwick beat Dr Macpherson by nearly 3000 votes.