14 Oct 2016

Waikato gang to P dealers: Get out - or else

4:35 pm on 14 October 2016

A Ngaruawahia gang has given methamphetamine dealers until 6.30pm to leave town - or else.

Jamie Pink

Tribal Huks leader Jamie Pink believes a recent spike in crime in Ngaruawahia is due to the methamphetamine trade Photo: Supplied

But Waikato District Mayor Allan Sanson said there was no methamphetamine problem in the Waikato town.

Tribal Huks gang leader Jamie Pink delivered his ultimatum at a community meeting last night, convened to discuss a spike in crime in Ngaruawahia.

Mr Pink said he believed the spike had been caused by the methamphetamine trade.

RNZ spoke briefly to Mr Pink last night, who said he was "too busy rounding these guys up" to talk further about the ultimatum.

Police said although methamphetamine was a serious concern, people should not take matters into their own hands

Mr Sanson said it was likely there was the odd methamphetamine dealer in town but he had seen "none of it whatsoever".

"I walk the streets of Ngaruawahia just about on a daily basis and I've seen no sign of it and I know what someone on P looks like."

He was in frequent communication with the police, who also said there was no problem, he said.

Crime always spiked over the school holiday period because teenagers were bored and looking for something to do, Mr Sanson said.

Mr Pink was within his rights to invite people to leave town, but Mr Sanson said he did not condone violence.

It was a police issue and not a council one, he said.

A petrol station worker in Ngaruawahia, Sam Chapman, said people had dropped bags of methaphetamine on the floor which she has had to flush down the toilet.

"So that is not cool, considering we get a lot of schoolchildren come in and buy lollies after school."

Ms Chapman said during the weekends people came in to the station completely high, and the gang's ultimatum was needed.