11 Sep 2016

Compo for worker as 90-day trial ruled invalid

7:53 am on 11 September 2016

A shop worker has been awarded more than $7000 for unfair dismissal after her 90-day trial period was found to be invalid.

A man in a white business shirt signs a job offer or contract (file)

Photo: 123RF

Kerryn Donaldson, who worked at a Giftworld store in Auckland, was sacked seven weeks into her trial period last year.

The Employment Relations Authority found the company's director, Michelle Dong, did not tell Ms Donaldson about her concerns until the last minute.

The authority found Ms Donaldson's three-month trial period contract was essentially invalid as she was given it a few hours into her first shift.

Under law, someone can only be employed under a trial period if they have not previously worked for the company.

The authority awarded Ms Donaldson $7400 in lost wages and compensation.

Earlier this year, a report commissioned by Treasury found the 90-day trial period policy had done nothing to significantly help people struggling to get a job.