28 Jul 2016

How boysenberries could help you breathe easier

1:06 pm on 28 July 2016

Scientists at Plant & Food Research have found regular boysenberry consumption may reduce symptoms associated with inflammation of the airways, which can cause conditions such as asthma.

boysenberry / blackberry

Photo: 123rf

Globally it is estimated that 150 million people have asthma, with children making up around 10 percent of sufferers.

Plant & Food Research Science group leader Roger Hurst said scientists had made new discoveries on the role of antioxidant compounds in boysenberries, and their impact in reducing the effects of asthma and chronic airway inflammation.

"We've seen some really exciting results from this recent study.

"Our results suggest that boysenberry consumption may help protect the lungs and associated airways from the chronic build-up of damaged and scar tissue. These agents appear to support an environment capable of reducing scar tissue deposits on the lungs."

The research also observed improvements in the lungs through the activation of specific immune cell types, which are known to assist tissue repair and retention of normal lung function.

Dr Hurst said it was the first evidence that boysenberry consumption could support the body's natural defences, and potentially reduce negative effects on the lungs caused by asthma and other chronic pulmonary conditions.

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