1 Jul 2016

Reassessment by DHB of boy's care due Monday

12:49 pm on 1 July 2016

A family unhappy with the care their five-year-old son with Down Syndrome received after an operation, will find out on Monday the results of a further assessment by their District Health Board.

A rural family unhappy with the post-op care of their five-year-old child are still waiting to hear from the Whanganui District Health Board.

The Mikkelsen family are unhappy with the post-op care of their five-year-old son Anders. Photo: SUPPLIED / Phil and Deb Mikkelsen

A general manager from the Whanganui DHB met with Anders Mikkelsen's family on Thursday to talk about his care.

He has been in a chest-to-ankle cast after a hip operation, and was discharged from Auckland's Starship hospital into the care of the DHB a month ago.

His mother, Deborah Mikkelsen, has said the aftercare provided by Whanganui was "diabolical",

The board has disputed some of the family's version of events.

The board's chief executive Julie Patterson said there had been a lot of confusion over Anders' case with three DHBs involved, but she was satisfied with the care he had been given.

"We cannot see too much wrong with the assessment done in Auckland or the discharge process.

"However, we're respecting the fact that the family's not happy and so we are being prepared, if you like, to take another look at it."

Ms Patterson said the DHB would get back to the Mikkelson family on Monday.