3 Feb 2016

Telcos hard to reach, consumers say

5:26 pm on 3 February 2016

People find it hard getting through to their telecommunications providers, a Consumer New Zealand survey shows.

It showed 65 percent of the 8600 respondents they experienced lengthy wait times on the phone, while only 33 percent thought their provider was easy to contact.

Consumer New Zealand chief executive Sue Chetwin said the two biggest players, Vodafone and Spark, trailed the field in terms of customer satisfaction.

A small Manawatu-based company, Inspire Net, topped the ratings with 98 percent satisfaction.

The top performers for mobile service were Skinny Mobile and 2degrees.

"I think that the telcos really need to look at the way they treat their customers because there are more players coming into the field and the smaller ones are obviously finding it easier and easier to operate," she said.

Ms Chetwin said of the 12 internet providers, Spark and Vodafone rated lower than average on key performance measures including value for money and ease of contacting.