30 Jan 2016

Pay increases tipped for some workers

11:20 am on 30 January 2016

A global salary survey is predicting some industry workers could get a pay increase due to a shortage of talent.


Photo: 123RF

The Robert Walter's survey forecasts competition for talent is expected to intensify as skill shortages increase across sectors, including the finance, legal and marketing industries.

The company's Wellington director Shay Peters said employers would need to improve their appeal if they wanted to get the best candidates.

"A lot of those people, what they're experiencing is they might test themselves on the market, get you know, two or three job offers and then their own employer will put a counter offer towards them as well, at often a slightly increased rate, so it starts a bit of a competition and a war for talent."

Mr Peters said the IT and banking sectors would need to lift their appeal to compete against large salary increases in Hong Kong and Britain, which were also experiencing skill shortages.

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