11 Dec 2015

Malaysian diplomat case back in court

1:23 pm on 11 December 2015

Lawyers for the Crown and defence are making submissions today about the way events unfolded when a Malaysian defence attache made an uninvited visit to a Wellington woman's home in May last year.

Muhammad Rizalman at the High Court in Wellington 30 Nov 2015

Muhammad Rizalman at the High Court in Wellington. Photo: POOL / Fairfax NZ

Muhammad Rizalman has pleaded guilty to indecent assault but a disputed facts hearing is taking place in the High Court in Wellington.

Rizalman's lawyer Donald Stevens told the court that at the time of the incident, his client was in an altered mental state caused by work stress, possible depression and potential use of drugs.

He said in the weeks leading up to the incident, Rizalman was described as lethargic, and as sitting for hours without moving or interacting with others.

Dr Stevens said the complainant's statements supported that, as she described his client standing outside a shop looking really strange.

However Crown lawyer Grant Burston said in the days before the incident, Rizalman had a heightened interest in women - he visited a strip club and went into a store to see a woman who worked there.

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