17 Oct 2015

Ewen Macdonald 'has issues to deal with'

3:12 pm on 17 October 2015

The former father-in-law of Ewen Macdonald says only time will tell whether Macdonald has truly changed while in jail.

Ewen Macdonald

Ewen Macdonald Photo: Getty/file

Macdonald was found not guilty of murdering his brother-in-law Scott Guy, but was later jailed for five years for arson, vandalism and killing livestock.

He will be released on parole next month, with a number of special conditions attached.

Bryan Guy, Anna Macdonald and Joanne Guy outside court.

Bryan Guy, Anna Macdonald and Joanne Guy outside court. Photo: RNZ

Scott Guy's father Bryan Guy said the family has had no contact with Macdonald since his arrest, and he was not sure if he will have changed.

Macdonald has narcissistic tendencies and other psychological issues to deal with, he said.

Bryan Guy said the parole condition requiring Macdonald to stay out of the North Island will be helpful for the family in the short-term.

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