16 Aug 2015

Drone use raises issue of privacy protection

5:05 pm on 16 August 2015

The Privacy Commissioner says drone use and the protection of people's privacy is an emerging issue which New Zealand needs to address.

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A complaint was made after Sky TV used a drone with a camera to film a cricket match. Photo: PHOTOSPORT

John Edwards' office has found there was no breach of the Privacy Act in its first investigation into a complaint about a drone.

The complaint came after Sky TV used a drone with a camera to film a cricket match, during which time it flew within 10 metres of the complainant's apartment.

Mr Edwards said the use of drones was increasing due to lower costs and availability of the technology, and it raised big privacy issues.

"When people get the new technology and start to work out its capability, sometimes there is a bit of a lack in etiquette and manners and those kind of societal mores, they lag a little bit behind.

"But I think with drones now what we're seeing is that there are societal expectations. and people are going to get some pretty direct messages if they breach those."

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