14 Aug 2015

Answers: Netball World Cup

3:29 pm on 14 August 2015

Here are the answers to our Netball World Cup quiz.

1. Which sport was modern netball based on?


2. When was the first Netball World Cup?


3. Who has won the most titles?

Australia. (10, to New Zealand's 4, and Trinidad and Tobago's 1.)

4. In 1979, three teams jointly won. Who were they?

Australia, New Zealand & Trinidad & Tobago.

5. In seven-a-side netball, which positions are allowed to shoot?

Goal Attack and Goal Shoot.

6. Who captained the Silver Ferns last time they won the World Cup?

NZ last won the title in Kingston, Jamaica in 2003. The team was captained by Anna Stanley.

7. In the World Cup Final in 2003, Temepara George was sent off for "persistent offending". How long did she have to go off for?

A period of three goals.

8. When did New Zealand win its first title?

1967 in Perth.

9. In 1999, the Silver Ferns suffered a heart-breaking loss in the World Cup final, eventually losing 42-41. Who was the New Zealand shooter who missed two goals that could have won the game?

Donna Loffhagen.

10. Who is the most capped international netballer of all time?

Irene van Dyk.