1 Jun 2015

More care needed on roads, say police

4:38 pm on 1 June 2015

The police are pleading with motorists to take greater care for the remainder of the holiday weekend.

The road toll stands at four and there are fears heavy rain and hazardous driving conditions expected across much of the country could push it higher.

Two of the deaths have occurred in Canterbury.

The Canterbury Road Policing Manager, Inspector Al Stewart, said intersections were proving to be a problem area for drivers this weekend.

"Our roads are only as safe as the drivers that are on them. We're seeing far too many drivers still making basic mistakes out there that are resulting in tragic consequences.

"Our thoughts really go out to the families and to the communities that are involved in this."

Inspector Stewart said all drivers needed to step up and do their part to make the roads safer over the holiday period, which finishes at 6am on Tuesday.

Five people died on the roads over the long weekend last year.