21 Apr 2015

Neon's Game of Thrones glitch

7:35 am on 21 April 2015

The online streaming business is a bit like battling for the seven kingdoms, so, when Games of Thrones failed to appear at the allotted time on its fledgling service Neon, Sky TV's crown looked perilously unstable.

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Photo: Supplied / HBO

The second episode of the show was meant to be available at 8:30pm on Monday, but disappointed fans were left scrambling for answers when it failed to materialise.

Sky has used the much-loved Thrones to attract audience to the new service, which has a 30-day free trial period before costing $20 monthly.

In a note on its Facebook page, Neon said those waiting for the show to appear on their app should watch it via the website.

"Huge apologies but we are having a few problems."

Neon jokingly said, in Thrones style, that "heads would roll".

Unfortunately, initially things weren't any better on the website, prompting fans to leave pointed messages on Neon's Facebook page.

Josh Tasker wrote: "When you say via the website, do you mean http://www.neontv.co.nz/ because that is not working for me!? after login only ep 1 is listed?", while Piero Liguori said: "tick tock, a little boy waits .... overpromise, underdeliver? again?"

All-out revolt was avoided about an hour after the original start time, when Neon confirmed to fans the episode was available on the website.