3 Apr 2015

Retailers push to end Easter trading ban

3:23 pm on 3 April 2015

New Zealand's main retail lobby group is once again calling for a law change to Easter trading hours, saying current restrictions are outdated.

Today and Easter Sunday are both non-trading days but the retail body said many businesses were exempt from the rules while others flouted them entirely - risking the $1000 fine instead of losing a good trading day.

Retail New Zealand public affairs general manager Greg Harford said Good Friday and Easter Sunday had increasingly become busy days for retailers.

He said businesses should be able to choose whether or not they open.

"The reality is in some cases there is that in some cases there is real consumer demand to open a shop. It's all about ultimately providing a service to customers and helping them buy goods they need when they want them.

"In 2015, you can shop 24/7 over the internet from your own home. It seems reasonable to us that you should be able to open your shop if that's what your customers, your staff and you want to do."

Last year, Prime Minister John Key said he was in favour of changing the law.

Retail New Zealand was urging the Government to change the law before Easter next year.