17 Mar 2015

Tribunal finds midwife failed mother

5:59 pm on 17 March 2015

The Human Rights Tribunal has found that a midwife failed a teenage mother who she was supposed to be assisting with a birth.


Photo: 123RF

The mother was giving birth in January 2012; it was not until a month later, when she visited a doctor, that it was found a tear was infected and needed hospital treatment.

The tribunal said the midwife, Natasha Thompson, did not refer the mother to the doctor, and laughed at her when she told her she had to tie her legs together with a dressing gown to stop the pain.

The report also found Ms Thompson did not provide a sufficient birth plan, information to care for a newborn or help her when she had trouble breastfeeding.

The Midwifery Council said the midwife had completed supervised training and was now clear to practice.