5 Mar 2015

Offer of support for Teina Pora

2:19 pm on 5 March 2015

The Corrections Department will still offer Teina Pora support for his reintegration into the community, even though he is no longer on parole.

Teina Pora.

Teina Pora Photo: RNZ

Mr Pora's convictions for the 1992 rape and murder of Auckland woman Susan Burdett were quashed by the Privy Council on Tuesday.

That means Mr Pora, who has been on parole for 11 months after being in prison for 21 years, is no longer subject to parole conditions.

In its decision releasing him in 2014, the Parole Board said his reintegration would be difficult and slow because of the length of time he spent in prison.

The board said he was doing especially well, and that he was living with responsible and fine people who were keeping a sensible watch on him.

He had done courses covering parenting, alcohol and drug issues and budgeting, and had also received psychological treatment.

However, given his lengthy time in prison, and limited education before that, the board noted reintegrating into the community would be a difficult and necessarily slow process.

Corrections said it had an open offer of support to him, to help with his ongoing transition.

It noted Mr Pora had a strong personal support network in place.