20 Feb 2015

Ciara fans left in lurch again

11:50 am on 20 February 2015

RnB artist Ciara has upset concert-goers once again, this time in Wellington, after failing to show up for her scheduled meet-and-greets.

RnB artist Ciara performing in West Hollywood in November.

RnB artist Ciara performing in West Hollywood in November. Photo: AFP

Ciara played to a crowd of about 1600 last night in Porirua's Te Rauparaha Arena as part of the city's 50th anniversary celebrations.

About 80 fans paid $125 to meet Ciara after her show, only to be told she had left the venue without the organiser knowing.

On Wednesday Christchurch attendees were furious when Ciara arrived two hours late to her gig at Ilam Fields, only to have it end after 10 minutes.

She didn't attend meet-and-greets for that show either.

The Grammy Award-winning artist took to social media apologising to the Christchurch crowd, saying she wasn't aware of the local sound curfew in place, but didn't comment on the failed fan meetings.

Wellington organiser, Benna Seveali'i-Silo, said despite her no-show in Christchurch, he had no idea Ciara wouldn't meet fans in Porirua.

"I was announcing the meet and greets throughout the show and if I had known it wasn't happening, there no way I would've done it."

Mr Seveali'i-Silo said he felt like a "total idiot" after hearing from the show's security guards that Ciara had left the arena.

According to Mr Seveali'i-Silo, the show was sold to him by Australian touring company Ginnen Group who had in turn been sold the tour by American company, Heavy Rotation.

"They sold them to them as part of the tour to the Ginnen group when they hadn't been agreed upon by Ciara's management."

After he found out the Christchurch show was a bust, Mr Seveali'i-Siolo said he spent hours on the phone with Ginnen Group.

"They absolutely assured me that the meet-and-greets would be sorted by the time she arrived in Porirua," he said.

Ginnen Group has not been available for comment this morning.

Concert-goer Jordan was disappointed Ciara didn't show since he had driven hours with his partner to meet her.

"They said she just left," he said. "That's pretty much it".

"It's really sad because we came from Auckland but at least we get $45 back".

Mr Seveali'i-Siolo said he there would a partial refund to all those who had bought meet-and-greet passes.

"There may be some legal battles ahead," he said.