17 Feb 2015

Revoking licences for traffic fines rakes in $20m

2:23 pm on 17 February 2015

Hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of traffic fines are still unpaid despite a government threat to revoke driver's licences if they don't pay the fines.

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Licence stop orders were introduced a year ago and the Government claimed the programme had been successful.

The orders can be served on anyone who fails to pay traffic fines imposed by a court, the police or another authority.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams Photo: SUPPLIED

Justice Minister Amy Adams said 19,500 people who were not paying their fines were now doing so.

She said the programme had been successful because an extra $20.4 million of unpaid fines had been paid back in the first year.

"We'd initially budgeted that we would receive around an extra seven million dollars a year in fines. And over the first year, as you know, we've collected over 20 million dollars of outstanding traffic fines.

"It's really getting through to people that you can't just ignore court fines and they'll go away," she said.

However, official figures showed about $565 million worth of unpaid fines were still outstanding, more than 90 percent of them traffic-related.

That means about $522 million of traffic fines were still to be paid.