4 Feb 2015

Christchurch pair's public show goes global

6:58 am on 4 February 2015

The story of the Christchurch workmates seen by hundreds in an amorous embrace has, inevitably, gone round the world.

The unsuspecting pair were spotted by pub patrons and passersby in the new Rabobank building, opposite the Carlton Hotel, in Christchurch on Friday night.

Pictures of the couple have been shared hundreds of times on social media and now the world's largest news and entertainment website, the UK-based Daily Mail, has picked up the story.

The pair work for Marsh Insurance, which yesterday sent an executive to meet with the pair.

Privacy law experts have said it was unlikely the couple had grounds for a successful complaint.

Christchurch employment law specialist Kathryn Dalziel earlier told Radio New Zealand the main factor in any attempt to dismiss the couple would be their lack of judgment.

It was the most public case of its kind she had heard of.

Privacy Commissoner John Edwards said there was very little remedy in law available to the pair. Because they did not take steps to ensure their privacy, there was little police could do.

Carlton Hotel bar patrons first noticed the couple about 10pm on Friday on the first floor of the newly built, glass-fronted Rabobank building, where Marsh Insurance occupies a floor.

The man and woman were watched by as many as 200 people for more than an hour. At one point, the band at the pub stopped playing and joined patrons outside on the footpath, many of whom were filming event on their phones, as families and other passersby also watched what was happening inside.