1 Jan 2015

Bali accused has been exploited - lawyer

5:47 pm on 1 January 2015

The lawyer for a New Zealander arrested on drugs charges in Bali says his client has been exploited by a highly organised criminal group.

Antony de Malmanche

Antony de Malmanche Photo: AFP

Antony de Malmanche was arrested last month with police alleging he had been trying to bring nearly two kilograms of methamphetamine into Indonesia - an offence punishable by death.

His lawyer, Craig Tuck, said he was being held in a cell with 27 other prisoners with very little food and amenities.

He said Mr de Malmanche was locked in his cell 24 hours a day with no mattress or pillow and has not had sleep for days.

Mr Tuck said he had met with investigators and it appeared Mr de Malmanche was not a drug trafficker.

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