20 Dec 2014

Advocate condemns 'sexual entitlement'

8:50 am on 20 December 2014

An anti-sexual violence group says the case of an Auckland businessman abusing a woman in a basement is a horrific example of sexual degradation.

The businessman, who has ongoing name suppression, was jailed for 15 years in the Auckland District Court yesterday for sexual violation and plying girls with methamphetamine for sex.

In one instance, his associates plucked a woman off an Auckland street, then she was stripped, shackled, and abused for hours in a basement.

Stop Demand founder Denise Ritchie said it was another wake-up call after the so-called Roastbusters case.

"We have made reference to the Roastbusters given that last year the nation did grapple with the worrying sexual callousness," she said.

"But what we've got in this case is a group of older men who similarly have a sense of sexual entitlement - men that just see woman and girls as simply sexual objects, that denigrate, violate and discard."

Ms Ritchie welcomed the 15-year sentence for the wealthy businessman.