21 Nov 2014

Call to stop petrol theft pay deductions

3:59 pm on 21 November 2014

The chief executive of the Night and Day chain of shops wants a new policy stopping franchisees deducting money from staff when motorists flee without paying.

Kerry McIvor

Former Night and Day worker Kerry McIvor. Photo: Supplied

Tony Allison said if a policy was implemented and not followed, the franchisees would face repercussions.

Night and Day, petrol company Gull and other petrol companies have been in the spotlight, after former attendant Kerry McIvor spoke out about having his pay cut to cover people leaving without paying for their petrol.

Mr McIvor was working at the Masterton branch of the Night and Day convenience store, which had an arrangement with Gull over the payments. He was docked over $400.

While Mr McIvor had since been reimbursed, Mr Allison said he was working on stopping this from happening again.

"We don't have a policy around it now so what I want to do is make sure we've a crystal-clear policy which states our position on it."

Gull said it had contacted all its sites in the North Island to ensure that employees do not have their pay docked when customers left without paying.

General manager Dave Bodger said he did not know that was happening at Gull-linked stores and has apologised to employees and the public. He said other people that may have been affected should come forward.