20 Nov 2014

Worker docked for petrol thieves

8:43 pm on 20 November 2014

A former petrol station attendant is considering court action after money was deducted from his pay when motorists drove away without paying after filling their tank in the middle of the night.

Kerry McIvor was working at the Masterton branch of the Night and Day convenience store, which has an arrangement with the petrol company Gull.

He worked at the store for about six months to support himself and his fiance but quit in disgust at losing money from his wage packet, taken when customers drove off without paying for their petrol.

"The largest lump sum that was taken out of my pay in one hit was about $240-odd but over the time I was there it would possibly have amassed to just under $400 or so," he said.

"If I had have known that it would happen ... I would have never taken the job."

Night and Day chief executive Tony Allison said he had been told about the deductions but wanted more information before proceeding further.

"We will do an investigation with the franchisee and quite happy to talk to the employee, as well, and take the necessary steps we need to rectify anything that may be incorrect."

Mr Allison said people who had their pay docked might be able to get a refund but he needed to know more details first.

Gull is also investigating.