17 Nov 2014

Travel conditions imposed on Dotcom

6:44 pm on 17 November 2014

Kim Dotcom has been banned from using helicopters ahead of a Crown application to revoke bail.

Mr Dotcom was arrested in January 2012 on copyright and money laundering charges and bailed the following month.

Kim Dotcom speaking to supporters of his Internet Party in Auckland, in April 2014.

Kim Dotcom Photo: REUTERS

Crown prosecutor Christine Gordon, QC, outlined the reasons for a bail hearing to take place next week, but all legal arguments are suppressed.

Until the hearing, Judge Nevin Dawson has imposed strict new conditions on Mr Dotcom, including banning the use of helicopters or travel by boat, and not to travel more than 80 kilometres.

He must also report daily to police.

Earlier in court, the extradition hearing of Mr Dotcom and his four co-accused was adjourned until June to give more time for new lawyers to be appointed.

Lawyers for Mr Dotcom and one of his co-accused, Finn Batato, are no longer representing the pair but say the reasons for that are private and confidential.

Mr Dotcom's lawyer in the United States, Ira Rothken, said they wanted to appoint new lawyers soon.

"We're not going to into the details. Suffice to say that even over the last few days, we have spoken to some of the other top firms in New Zealand," he said.

"We've also spoken to some QCs. It's a very difficult situation in the sense that these firms will have to look through about 100m of legacy files."

There was a real possibility no one in New Zealand could be appointed in time because of the size and complex nature of the case.

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