29 Oct 2014

Police consider UK trip in cold case

7:48 pm on 29 October 2014

Police investigators trying to close the case of Dunedin woman missing for 12 years say they may travel to Britain to interview her former fiancee.

Tuitania Barclay

Tuitania Barclay Photo: NZ POLICE

Police today put up a $50,000 reward for information about the disappearance of Tuitania Barclay in September 2012, when she apparently walked out on her three young children and partner Bill Brown.

The investigation into 29-year-old's disappearance was reopened in February this year police and appealed to the public for help in May. They now say they are almost certain that Ms Barclay was a victim of foul play.

Detective Senior Sergeant Malcolm Inglis said they had spoken to Mr Brown, who now lived in Britain, but he had not yet been formally interviewed.

"We have spoken to Bill Brown and we'll continue to speak to him. Obviously if we travel to England to speak to him, it's taxpayers money that we'll be using for that, so we have to make sure that it's going to be a worthwhile trip for us."

However, there were three or four main persons of interest in the inquiry, including several in Britain, Mr Inglis said.

Three officers had been on the case full-time for almost a year and had interviewed more than 60 people, he said. Police have been given a lot of information but needed something to get them over the line.

"The reward is to try and get the person who may have that extra information to come forward. They may have been unwilling to come to the police for various reasons. $50,000 is a lot of money in anyone's mind - hopefully that will say, well, I've got that key the police need."

Ms Barclay had previously also gone by the names of Tuitania McIntosh, Tuitania Brown and Sandra Williams.