27 Sep 2014

Panel recommends safer cycling rules

12:45 pm on 27 September 2014

A cycling safety panel is recommending the Government look at bringing in minimum passing distances for vehicles overtaking cyclists, and separating those on bikes from other traffic.

The independent panel was appointed by the Transport Agency after a coronial inquiry last year, which called for an investigation into cycling safety following 13 deaths in 2012.

The group's other suggestions included on-road training in schools and more consideration of cyclists in transport decisions.

Panel member Glen Koorey said the public generally felt physical alterations to roads were more important than policy changes.

He said some ideas were harder and more expensive to put into practice, but those are often the ones that make the most difference.

"We appreciate that some of these things can't happen straight away, but we'll certainly be pushing to try and make them happen because sometimes it's the harder ones that make the biggest difference."

He said they are now seeking feedback on their recommendations.

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