11 Sep 2014

Christie Marceau's killer denied parole

2:50 pm on 11 September 2014

The man who killed teenager Christie Marceau has again been denied parole for earlier crimes against her.

Akshay Chand is serving a three-year sentence for kidnapping, threatening to rape and threatening to grievously harm Ms Marceau.

He was on bail facing those charges when he killed the 18-year-old in November 2011.

While Chand is technically due to be released on those counts in October, he has been classified as a special patient since being found not guilty of her murder because of insanity - meaning he is being detained at the Mason Clinic, potentially indefinitely.

The Parole Board, which has just considered his case again, said he was doing rehabilitative work but understood that completing the sentence for kidnapping did not affect his status as a special patient.

Christie's mother, Tracey Marceau, said she was pleased at the decision but lacked faith in the system.

"One of the words to us yesterday were that he's now being handed over the mental health system and we can be assured that he won't be released.

"I just turned around and said 'but I don't have any faith in that system either'.

"We've been let down at every turn."

She said the family had to fight to attend yesterday's hearing, getting very little information about him, because he was in the clinic rather than prison.

"It's a very grey area, that's the area that we actually fall into. It's almost like we fall into a crack inbetween, and I think that surely we have rights as well, and the victims that have been taken still have rights."

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