22 Aug 2014

Campaign to restore cathedral

8:18 pm on 22 August 2014

The Anglican Church says it won't be changing its stance on the demolition of the earthquake-damaged ChristChurch Cathedral.

Aerial shot of Christ Church Cathedral in 2014.

An aerial shot of ChristChurch Cathedral provided by campaigners, who say it was taken in June 2014. Photo: SUPPLIED

The Great Christchurch Buildings Trust announced a plan today to win public support for restoring the cathedral, aiming to convince people not only that it should be saved, but that it can be saved.

A chairperson of the trust, Jim Anderton, said they are trying to gain public support by correcting misinformation about the building's strength.

"So if we can present the facts of that building, not all the detail - because you can see what happens when you get the detail - you just get bogged down. And people are sick of that, they just don't want to know. but they do feel an emotional commitment to this building - they would like to see it fixed if it could, but they don't believe it can be."

But a spokesperson for the Anglican Church, Jayson Rhodes, said the church property trustees would stick to their decision to deconstruct the Cathedral down to walls two or three metres tall, and build a contemporary design in its place.

"The church property trustees have made their decision. They've opted for a modern concept. The courts have said that it is the church property trustees' right to decide and then to act upon those decisions.

"And so the decision has been made, and today's campaign isn't going to change anything for us."

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