Trust says it has financial support to save cathedral

9:48 pm on 24 August 2013

The Great Christchurch Buildings Trust says it's got plenty of financial support for its fight to save the quake damaged Christ Church Cathedral.

The trust has announced it will ask the Supreme Court to overturn the Court of Appeal's decision last month ruling the building can be demolished, and replaced with something new.

Co-chair of the trust Jim Anderton says a decision needs to be made by the highest court in the land.

Mr Anderton says there are many locals who are financially backing the action.

"Cost is not an issue, I mean one of the people who is helping to pay the bills is putting up $1 million for the restoration, so these are in a way petty cash items compared to what people are prepared to contribute to restore the cathedral."

Mr Anderton says demolition has been halted while the matter is before the courts.