25 May 2014

Blogger beats bid to shut down site

12:08 pm on 25 May 2014

A man who set up a blog to name and shame a builder whom he felt let down by has won a court battle to keep his blog online.

Grant Norman King, who failed to build a sleepout after receiving a $23,000 deposit from Steve Taylor, took Mr Taylor to court.

Mr King said the website was a form of harassment and in taking the case to court, he hoped to have it shut down.

But Mr Taylor argued he was acting as a consumer watchdog. He said the website was set up to warn people about Mr King, and dozens had posted stories of unsatisfactory dealings with him.

Judge David Wilson ruled the website could remain online.

He said it would be inappropriate to close down postings of essentially factual material on the basis that it interfered with Mr King's commercial plans and deprived him of customers.