14 Apr 2014

Police drive to recuit more women

10:08 pm on 14 April 2014

Police Commissioner Mike Bush says strong leadership is crucial to changing police culture and encouraging more women to join.

Mike Bush.

Mike Bush. Photo: NZ POLICE

His comments follows the release of an initiative on Monday include the establishment of a women's advisory network which will brief top managers on recruitment and career development.

There will also be a campaign to recruit more women, starting with the launch of a television series next week, Women in Blue, which follows the lives of seven officers.

At present, women comprise about 20 percent of the police. Mr Bush says 30 percent of recruits in 2013 were female and he wants to build on that.

"We're really focused on getting the right culture for New Zealanders in the police service. It is a long journey, but I'm personally determined to address that to ensure that we have the appropriate culture for New Zealanders."

Police Minister Anne Tolley is confident the new initiative will work and says she has made it clear she wants to see more women in leadership roles.

"That means that there's an onus on the management of police to make sure that there's good development. But I also think there's awareness in police that they do have to make sure there are opportunities for young women to succeed and develop in the New Zealand police, and this is just another step along the way."