2 Mar 2014

AC/DC drummer loses fight to hide name

3:33 pm on 2 March 2014

The Employment Relations Authority has denied AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd name suppression in an employment battle with staff from his Tauranga restaurant.

Rudd's restaurant, Phil's Place, has been taken to ERA and the drummer has tried to obtain name suppression to keep his name out of the media.

Rudd told the ERA he was a well-known musician and could be at risk if his identity was revealed.

AAP reports that in a recent decision, suppression was denied.

ERA member Tania Tetitaha said Rudd had used his fame to promote Phil's Place and his involvement with the restaurant was well known.

She said the ERA understood Rudd had been "intimately involved" with the cause of dispute and does not largely contest the events or his involvement.

"If so, his reputation cannot be marred by events he accepts are truthful," she said.

Media had also already published his connection with the dispute, rendering any name suppression useless, she said.

Allegations against Rudd's restaurant, which he has owned since 2011, were lodged in August 2012, but details are yet to be revealed.