4 Sep 2013

Company behind the School Journal to close

7:44 pm on 4 September 2013

The state-owned enterprise that publishes the School Journal, Learning Media, is to close, with the loss of more than 100 jobs.

Learning Media lost its status as preferred supplier to the Ministry of Education last year and announced on Wednesday that it does not have a viable, ongoing business.

Learning Media was set up as a Crown company in 1993 from the Education Ministry's school publications unit, which itself began in 1939.

It is best known for publishing the School Journal, which the ministry says will continue.

Learning Media says the loss of preferred provider status with the ministry is not the reason its is closing.

It says it is more about market conditions, which have not been good.

A date for Learning Media's closure has not been set, and the company hopes to find other publishing jobs for more than half of its staff.

Learning Media chair Jenn Bestwick says Learning Media staff have a lot of expertise that the ministry will not want to lose. She says they may find employment with other publishers contracted by the ministry.