31 Jul 2013

Response to animal test protest 'not enough'

6:55 am on 31 July 2013

The organiser of a protest movement against testing party pills on animals is disappointed by the Government's response.

Thousands of people marched in New Zealand's main centres on Tuesday in protest at a law allowing testing on animals.

The Psychoactive Substances Bill, which became law on 17 July, requires manufacturers to prove that legal-high products are safe before sale. Under the legislation, manufacturers can use animal testing if no other suitable alternative exists.

Associate Health Minister Todd McClay released a statement after the protests saying no licenses to test legal high products will be issued before an expert committee has decided on the testing regime.

Protest organiser Angela Beer says Mr McClay's response to the outcry does not go far enough. "We're pushing for total legislative change to rule out animal testing altogether," she says. Ms Beer says animal testing is not necessary.