16 Jul 2013

Mayoral candidate defends language in email

8:43 pm on 16 July 2013

A Wellington mayoral candidate says he does not think a leaked email full of colourful language will affect his campaign.

In the email leaked to the media and sent in August 2012, John Morrison suggests councillors make a deal with then-chief executive Garry Poole where he could keep his job in return for getting rid of council-controlled organisations.

In the email, he says councillors should tell their chief executive to take the deal or "rot in hell".

On Tuesday, John Morrison acknowledged that his use of language was exaggerated, but said the email was not meant for public consumption.

Mr Morrison did not think it would affect his bid for mayor, saying people would see the email for what it was - a councillor trying to get things done.

Council-controlled organisations cost $130 million of public money a year and aren't performing as they should, he said.