10 Jul 2013

Former inquiry member sees interview as bad PR

3:31 pm on 10 July 2013

A former member of the troubled Glenn Inquiry says a television interview by its founder Sir Owen Glenn was a case of badly managed public relations.

Sir Owen last week withdrew his application to become an ambassador of the White Ribbon anti-violence campaign, after its chair said he should have declared an allegation he physically abused a young woman in Hawaii in 2002.

He offered a plea of no contest at the time.

In an interview on Campbell Live on Tuesday night, Sir Owen said he did not abuse the woman, and declared nothing because nothing had happened.

A former member of the Glenn Inquiry, Anton Blank, says the interview is another bungle by Sir Owen, who he says does not have the sense to realise he made a mistake by not being transparent.

Mr Blank is one of several members of the Glenn Inquiry who have resigned.

Another former member, Dr Neville Robertson, says the project is fatally flawed and should not carry on.

Dr Robertson told Morning Report that Sir Owen's inquiry should be about the safety of women and children but it has become more about personality politics.