18 Apr 2013

Bouncer found guilty of stealing Tindall footage

5:35 pm on 18 April 2013

A bouncer charged with stealing CCTV footage of former England rugby captain Mike Tindall in a Queenstown bar has been found guilty.

Jonathan Dixon stole the footage of Tindall and then tried to broker a deal with several British tabloid newspapers for the highest price.

Tindall - who is married to the Queen's granddaughter Zara Phillips - was in the South Island resort town with members of the England side during the Rugby World Cup in September 2011 when the footage was taken of him with a woman.

The Crown says Dixon knew that taking the footage was illegal, but he was blinded by the potential for financial gain.

The Queenstown man admitted that he was asking for £1.3 million (NZ$2.34 million) for the video. He approached The Sun tabloid, among others, but the deal began to unravel when the owners of the Altitude Bar where worked found out.

They tried to get the video back from Dixon, and when he refused, they called police.

Dixon's lawyer said the bar had a "loosey goosey attitude" to CCTV footage, and Dixon believed that he was allowed to take it.

The jury found Dixon guilty on Thursday afternoon and he has been remanded to appear for sentencing on 13 June.